Country Dance Steps

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Feet positions

Scottish Country Dancing uses similar feet position to ballet. There is a separate page showing the feet positions.

Skip change

This is the reel and jig time travelling step.

Slip step

This is used for travelling sideways in reel and jig time.


This is the reel and jig time setting step.

One pas-de-basque takes one bar of music.

The setting step is made up of two pas-de-basque (one starting on the right foot and the other starting on the left foot) and therefore takes two bars to complete.

Strathspey travelling step

As the name suggests, this is the strathspey time travelling step.

Strathspey setting step

(also known as "common schottische")

This is the strathspey time setting step. like the Pas-de-basque it takes two bars to complete (one right then one left)

Highland schottische

This is a setting step that is used in strathspey time.

It takes four bars to complete (two bars to the right then two bars to the left)