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There are a number of resources available to dancers, teachers & musicians. These include websites, crib cards, crib Generators & others.


ScottishDancing.org - The home of Scottish Country Dancing in the North of Ireland.
ScottishDancing.org is owned and maintained by Colin & Linda Barnes. some of the sites features are:
  • Shop - Online shop (CDs, Website merchandise etc.). PayPal & GoogleCheckout enabled.
  • Gallery - Photos of dancing events.
  • Videos - Videos of events.
  • Pages for dancing groups - If you would like a webpage or pages for your group you can contact the webmaster.
  • Ceilidh enquiries - Form for enquiring about / booking a ceilidh for a wedding, social or other event.
  • Event listings.
  • Pages for dance & ceilidh bands.
  • Downloads - Poster templates etc. for downloading.
  • Games - Links to online games with a Scottish theme.
  • Message forums - Forums where you can chat about all aspects of Scottish Country Dancing.
  • Dancipedia - An encyclopaedia of Scottish Dancing (This one!)
  • Guestbook - For visitors to leave comments.
  • News - News items are displayed on the "what's new page", there are other pages for archived news items.
  • Links - Links to other relevant websites
  • Information pages - Information for beginners, dancers and anyone interested in Scottish Contry Dancing.
  • Location map of Groups, Classes & Events in the North of Ireland.
  • Blog - blog pages for dancers taking part in programmes etc.
  • Class announcement pages.
ScottishDancing.mobi - The mobile version of ScottishDancing.org.
ScottishDancing.mobi is owned and maintained by Colin & Linda Barnes. It is designed to be viewed on mobile devices such as mobile phones, Blackberrys & PDAs (e.g. HP PocketPC, Palm, Ipaq etc.)
Some of the sites features are:
  • Information on Scottish Country Dancing (Not as much as ScottishDancing.org though).
  • Events listings.
  • Cribs - A searchable database of dance cribs. These cribs are taken (with kind permission) from minicrib.
RSCDS.org - The website of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.
RSCDS.org is the official website of the governing body of Scottish Country Dancing worldwide. Some of the site features are:
  • Downloadable application forms for RSCDS events (e.g. Summer School)
  • Editorial
  • News
  • Information
  • Shop
ScottishDance.org - Alternative URL for RSCDS.org.
ScottishDance.net - Grand Chain website.
Grand Chain is a set of resources for Scottish Dancers the world over, based in Edinburgh. and is maintained by Ian Brockbank.

Cribs & crib generators

Minicrib is a crib generator created and maintained by Charles Upton. It allows you to create crib sheets using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. There is also a version for Apple Macintosh users.
The minicrib homepage is at www.minicrib.care4free.net the latest version can be downloaded from there.